„Deutsche Dealing Center“

Šeškauskienė — member of the Council of the Faculty of Philology; expert of the National Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education; editorial board member of the journal Kalbotyra Linguistics ; editor-in-chief of the electronic journal Taikomoji kalbotyra Applied Linguistics, www.

Holvoet, Habil. Jakaitienė emeritusDr. Kardelis, Habil. Docents: Dr. Judžentis, Dr. Kliukienė, Dr. Linkevičienė, Dr. Smetona part-timeDr. Smetonienė part-time. Lecturers: K. Bredelis, Dr.

Interview with violinist Domenico Nordio Domenico Nordio's career began after his first recital at the age of ten, and at the age of sixteen he won the international Viotti competition in Verchel. Along with various other achievements in international competitions was the European Grand Prix inwhen D. Nordio became the first and only Italian to win this award. Nordio, who is returning „Deutsche Dealing Center“ Lithuania, talked about his connection with Italian composers, the ups and downs of classical music, and imperfect performance. His career started after he obtained a master's degree in trumpet playing, only then discovering that singing was his true path.

Judžentytė, L. Laužikas, Dr. Doctoral students: B. Riaubienė, E.

Faculty of Philology

Jasionytė, D. Rudzinskas, A. Antanaitytė, J. The linguists of the Department prof. Kardelis, doc. Linkevičienė, doc. Smetona, doc.

Exploring the Meaning of Matthew 16 Durch Rev.

Smetonienė carry out this research in close collaboration with their colleagues of the Department of English Philology.

The focus of the research is on the synchronic and diachronic analysis of language-specific features characteristic of the grammatical, lexical and semantic structure of the languages under study.

The range of research methods used and theoretical approaches followed varies greatly: from purely descriptive to functional, from cognitive to socio-linguistic, from quantitative to qualitative analysis of authentic language data. The main results of the year are as follows: two articles and a monograph on stylistics and rhetorics were printed by prof. Publication of F.

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Sociolinguistic Maps of Towns and Small Towns. Ramonienė member of project-R. Riga: Latviešu valodas agentūra, Textbooks, Manuals D. Mikulėnienė, R. Koženiauskienė, V. Marcišauskaitė, B. Dobrovolskis, Č. Viešoji kalba mokykloje: sakytiniai ir rašytiniai tekstai, teksto analizė, žiniasklaidos pradmenys, reklama, viešieji ryšiai, taisiklingos kalbos pagrindai. Kaunas : Šviesa, Other Books V.

„Deutsche Dealing Center“

Zubaitienė, L. Citavičiūtė, L. „Deutsche Dealing Center“ : Vilniaus universiteto leidykla, Articles N.

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Linkevičienė, J. Vilnius : Vilniaus universiteto leidykla.

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Smetona, A. Plaušinaitytė, V. Wiesbaden : Publishing House Harrassowitz Verlag. „Deutsche Dealing Center“ : Lietuvos mokslų akademijos leidykla. Pukelis, A.

 Я подумала, что АНБ его ликвидировало. - Вот. Если АНБ в состоянии вывести пять риолитовых спутников на геостационарную орбиту над Ближним Востоком, то, мне кажется, легко предположить, что у нас достаточно средств, чтобы подкупить несколько испанских полицейских.

Vytauto Didžiojo universiteto leidykla. Zabarskaitė, I. Vilnius : Valstybės žinios.

Koženiauskienė, A. Smetonienė, J. Cambridge : Cambridge University of Press,p. Poznan : RYS,p.

„Deutsche Dealing Center“

Jakaitienė — editorial board member „Deutsche Dealing Center“ the journal Lietuvių kalba; expert of the Research Council of Lithuania. Judžentis — editorial board member of the journals Baltu Filoloģija, Žmogus ir žodis, Baltistica, Acta Linguistica Lithuanica, Lietuvių kalba, Res Humanitariae; editorial board member of the monograph series Lietuvos valsčiai; head of the editorial board of the journal Lietuvių kalba; expert of the National Database Lituanistica.

Smetona — expert at the Ministry of Education and Science; editorial board member of the journal Gimtoji kalba. Stundžienė, Dr. Lecturers: Dr. Gudavičienė, I. Hilbig, J. Pribušauskaitė, V. Assistants: R. Bingelienė part-timeK. Jakaitė—Bulbukienė part-timeE.

Kutanovienė, V. Našlėnaitė-Eberhard part-timeR.

„Deutsche Dealing Center“

Migauskienė, E. Petrašiūnienė, A. Tamošaitienė, E. Vaisėtaitė, A. Valančiauskienė, L. Doctoral students: M. Danielius, K. Jakaitė—Bulbukienė, E. Participants: L. Vilkienė, J. Stumbrienė, R. Bingelienė, E.

Paieškos forma

Kutanovienė, R. „Deutsche Dealing Center“, A. Analysis of language usage, language attitudes, language learning differences between L1 and L2teaching and language policy was carried out. The following areas were examined: socially significant changes in the use of Lithuanian, Russian, Polish and local vernaculars, evolving levels of multilingualism and local language in cities and towns of Lithuania.

Survey of language behaviour and language attitudes in Lithuanian cities and towns was carried out as well as the analysis of communicative and sociocultural competence in use of Lithuanian. On the basis of this research new teaching materials and guidelines for teaching and learning Lithuanian as a second language are being prepared.

Papers and conference presentations for both national and international conferences were prepared. Supported by the Lithuanian State Language Department.

„Deutsche Dealing Center“

Participants: V. Stumbrienė, E. Kutanovienė, „Deutsche Dealing Center“. Petrašiūnienė, J. Pribušauskaitė, Dr. Vilnius : Lietuvos geologų sąjunga. Filmai su subtitrais: ko galima išmokti? Vilnius : Mokslo ir enciklopedijų leidimo centras.